Our technology not only significantly decreases the total assay time, but also significantly reduces the sample size and reagent consumption to do so.

About OptoFluidic Bioassay

Optofluidic Bioassay was formed to further develop and bring to market its proprietary, disposable microfluidic 96-well plate, which significantly improves the conventional ELISA test workflow.

Our new technology improves the ELISA assay process in every way to allow for more efficient testing. It will be completed faster while requiring less material to test.

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Up to 80% cost savings


Fewer steps than traditional ELISA


Need only 20 µL of sample and reagents


Equal or better sensitivity and dynamic range

Our New Plate

We developed a disposable microfluidic 96-well plates that significantly reduces assay time and sample/regent consumption while achieving the same or better sensitivity and dynamic range in comparison with the traditional 96-well plate. Our plate is currently designed for both fluorescence- and chemiluminescence-based ELISA measurement. For details of the technology, please see here. Please contact us for free trials.

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