Plate, MicroFluere® 96-well Microplate for ELISA


The patent-pending MicroFluere® 96-well microplate for ELISA is a game changer. It uses microfluidics to allow you to conduct faster ELISA (1-hour assay) while using 80% less sample (20µL per well compared to 100µL).

MicroFluere® plates are brilliantly designed to work with your existing readers using fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection modes.

To increase the plates’ hydrophilic properties, we use a proprietary surface treatment protocol that involves sulfuric acid, among other chemicals. Each well has its own dedicated drain. Please see the drainage device product page for more details on how the plate is drained between steps in the ELISA process.

The posts within the microfluidic channel increase the available surface area for binding. All binding, reactions, and reading are focused in the microfluidic channel, not the well.


  • Faster ELISA while using less sample.
  • Plates are designed to work with existing readers.
  • Microfluidic channels with drains.
  • No flipping the plate or banging necessary.


Plate Value Unit
plate material polystyrene
plate width 85.48 mm
plate length 127.76 mm
plate height 14.24 mm
plate weight 27 g
volume of well funnel 26.5 µL
volume of microfluidic channel 10.26 µL
length of microfluidic channel 37.31 mm
# of posts within each microfluidic channel 293
size of drain opening of film 1.6 mm
# wells 96

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