The MicroFluere® plate is capable of filling the role of a traditional 96-well plate in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) workflow but with greater performance and efficiency. Users will see up to 80% savings on reagents, require less sample volume, and experience a much shorter assay time. The MicroFluere® plate exhibits a better dynamic range than a traditional ELISA plate, and provides reliable and accurate results. The MicroFluere® plate is for research use only.

To learn more about the MicroFluere® 96-well plate, view the instructional video below:

Purchasing Options

Microfluere® kits include a drainage device, Microfluere® plates, and absorbent pads, and are available for order in three different packages, with varying product quantities. Replacement Microfluere® plates, drainage devices, and absorbant pads are also available for purchase. See below for various product purchasing options.

MicroFluere® Plates Kit

Catalog No. Product Name Price
OBK05 5-plate MicroFluere® pack + 50 absorbent pad + 1 drainage system $145.00
OBK10 10-plate MicroFluere® pack + 100 absorbent pad + 1 drainage system $250.00
OBK50 50-plate MicroFluere® pack + 500 absorbent pad + 1 drainage system $1250.00

MicroFluere® Plates Only

Catalog No. Product Name Price
OB02 2-plate MicroFluere® pack $50.00
OB10 10-plate MicroFluere® pack $230.00
OB50 50-plate MicroFluere® pack $1000.00

MicroFluere® Accessories

Catalog No. Product Name Price
D01 Drainage system for MicroFluere® plate $20.00
A100 100 absorbent pads (enough for 10 well plates) $50.00

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